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Title 2 earthenware toy marbles
Department Archaeology/Heritage and Cultural Collections
Subject Category Convict
Early Colonial
household objects/manufactured objects/Topic Terms/Australian Pictorial Thesaurus
Description One is light coloured, and the other darker coloured.

This artefact was discovered in an archaeological investigation in 1989. The site, at the corner of Smith and George Streets in Parramatta, was the location of two convict huts from 1790 and then of the Babes in the Woods Hotel from about 1810 to the 1880s. The hotel was demolished and replaced by a two-storey house which remained until the 1960s.
Original Function toy/recreational
Site Description George Street
Site Name Babes in the Wood
Site Place Parramatta/New South Wales/Australia
Collection Parramatta City Council Cultural Collection - Archaeology
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